Watch Sam Hunt Before He Became Famous

Before Sam Hunt became the rising sensation he is today, he spent his days playing football for Middle Tennessee State University and later at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In between practices, he taught himself how to play country music.

This recently surfaced footage from 2007 shows Hunt playing guitar in his UAB locker room.

“I always loved music listening, but I really never thought I could ever, you know, pick up an instrument and play,” Hunt says in the video.

He goes on to say that he turned to music as a way to create a “low-key” activity for balance in his life.

When he graduated from UAB, he was invited to go to training camp for the Kansas City Chiefs. When he didn’t make the team, he packed his bags and headed to Nashville. The rest is history.

Check out the video below to watch Hunt play some music before he was famous. He’s probably thankful his music career turned out better than the life of the UAB football program.

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Watch Sam Hunt Before He Became Famous