Watch These Rescued Piglets Take an Injured Puppy on a Walk


You’ll want to prepare your heart for unheard of levels of cuteness before you watch this video.

In this two-minute clip, you’ll be introduced to tiny piglets Ivan and Mishka, who are enamored with Bella the puppy. Bella, who only has three legs, obviously has a special bond with the tiny piglets, as she is seen horsing around with the adorable twosome. The piglets even take Bella’s leash in their mouths and help lead her around the room as though they were walking her themselves. Even when Bella tries to lay down and doesn’t seem that interested in taking a stroll, Ivan and Mishka makes sure she gets back up and gets her exercise.

These cute little pigs were saved from the slaughterhouse and are now able to enjoy an easy and relaxed life. Maybe Ivan and Mishka wanted to give a little kindness back to their new injured friend as a way of paying it forward. It’s hard to know for sure what was happening in their animal brains, but it sure is heartwarming to watch. It’s more than obvious that these three unexpected friends have a special bond that will last for a very long time.

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Watch These Rescued Piglets Take an Injured Puppy on a Walk