This Inspiring Timelapse Video Shows the Transformation of a Rescued Puppy

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There are few things better than hanging out with your dog, whether it's playing fetch out on the farm or cuddling on the couch for a nap. A video that captures the relationship between one man and his sick dog evokes a lot of emotion and inspiration for those who watch it.

The man behind the video camera is Dave Meinert, a film-maker from South Africa who adopted a puppy he named Pegasus.

"Most of her siblings died or were deformed. I'll never know what was wrong," Meinert told Buzzfeed. "She saw seven vets in the beginning. She's just a dog that's always sick and always, always happy."

Even though Meinert knew the risks of adopting Pegasus, he took her in and decided to film each day that the two spent together. The result is a time-lapse video that shows the pup's growth from a sickly puppy to a strong adult Great Dane.

While Pegasus has avoided serious illness, Meinert says she still suffers from many smaller, more frequent health issues. "She gets sick often - she's just like the sickly kid in class always coughing, sneezing, allergic to this and that."

After the video went viral, Meinert revealed that Pegasus no longer lived with him. Meinert found himself traveling frequently and found that the puppy was happier with a family who has a large yard and another Great Dane to play with. Although it broke his heart to give his dog a new home, he says it was the best choice for Pegasus.

"If the dog is happier, do you forsake your happiness? I think yes," he says. "She is part of a family that, if I get over my ego I can admit, offers her more than I ever could - a huge garden, a best friend in another dane and lots of love. It's been a team effort. In return she's taught me so much. They are man's best friend, truly. I can't give her new owner enough credit."

You can see more of Pegasus and Meinert's film projects at his official website.

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This Inspiring Timelapse Video Shows the Transformation of a Rescued Puppy