Watch This Pit Bull Show Off His Singing Skills [VIDEO]

Screengrab via YouTube

Many people are afraid of pit bulls.

This may in part to their large size and intimidating appearance. In reality though, they can be great pets and companions if given proper attention.

I’m not sure if this family knew their dog had a secret talent when they adopted him, but he definitely made it clear in this hilarious video.

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In this short clip, you’ll see a young boy sitting next to his pit bull while playing some notes on his harmonica. He erupts in giggles as he tries to explain how his furry friend sounds “like a coyote”. To prove it, he lets out a few quick notes on his instrument and watches as the dog howls away happily. By the end of the video, you’re guaranteed to have a smile on your face as they jam out together.

Between this dog’s heartfelt attempt to sing along and the giggling young boy playing alongside him, there’s almost too much cuteness in one video for me to handle. Would this guy be able to earn a spot on Blake Shelton’s team during the next season of The Voice? Probably not, but I’d probably tune in if he did.

Click below to see this pit bull sing his heart out.

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Watch This Pit Bull Show Off His Singing Skills [VIDEO]