Watch Parker Millsap's Playful New 'Pining' Video

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Parker Millsap's latest album, The Very Last Day, is earning a lot of praise lately, including a nomination for Album of the Year at the Americana Music Awards. This week, Millsap released the first music video from this album for the song "Pining."

"Pining" is a lighthearted and campy video, consisting of some simple props and a green screen. Different shots show him standing in a forest, riding a motorcycle down a mountain road, driving a car with his feet while playing guitar and sailing through a storm.

The "silver lining" is the driving force in this video, musically and visually. Lyrics like "I ain't afraid to weep/ I ain't afraid to suffer/ I ain't afraid to be a fool to be your lover" are delivered with such a casual air that lead the listener to believe he's really not worried about any of it.

The whole feel of The Very Last Day is a balance between extremely serious and whimsical. Millsap addresses issues like the end of the world, moral relativity, unconditional love and salvation through boot-stomping melodies and tongue-in-cheek characters. "Pining" is one of the few songs on the album that doesn't focus around the end of the world, but it does address the sacrifices that need to be made in a relationship and asks, "How far is too far for the one you love?"

Apparently for Millsap, nothing is too far, and he's just not that worried about it. Whether it's because he trusts that his love won't ask that of him, or because he's operating out of the youthful, "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it" mentality, it sure does seem to be working for him.

This video is full of subtle but hilarious facial expressions from Millsap. The best moment is a toss up between the clips of him playing guitar and driving with his foot, and the moment at 1:50 where he plays air piano on the dashboard. Another fun fact about this video: Based on some pretty extensive Instagram research, the girl in the video seems to be Millsap's real-life girlfriend.

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Watch Parker Millsap's Playful New 'Pining' Video