Thief Stealing from Porch Finds Karmic Exploding Package

It might be the season of giving, but for some, it’s also the season of taking… without permission. As online shopping increases, many shoppers worry about package thieves, but one man isn’t standing for it.

When Jaireme Barrow noticed packages getting stolen from his front porch, he took matters into his own hands. He decided to offer up a very special kind of holiday gift to the thieves: karma.

(Warning: Video contains explicit language at the end.)

Barrow set up two outdoor cameras to film the encounter and posted it on, giving the world an even bigger seasonal treat. Anyone who has ever been a victim of “porch pirating” will particularly enjoy this one.

Burrow writes in the video caption, “I got fed up with having my Jeep parts stolen so I decided to rig a package with a 12 gauge blank shell. Press play to see the aftermath.”

As a woman approaches Burrow’s porch, she picks up the package, making a loud bang. She drops it immediately and runs back to her black SUV screaming. Filmed from two separate angles, it’s the double the fun to watch all the way through., an insurance quote comparison site owned by Bankrate, estimates up to 23 million Americans have experienced package theft.

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Thief Stealing from Porch Finds Karmic Exploding Package