Watch Natalie Maines Sing ‘Wide Open Spaces’ at West Texas Walk of Fame Induction

With an upcoming European tour and a little bit of Twitter teasing from Natalie Maines, Dixie Chicks fans have become hopeful that the band will soon tour again in the United States.

Maines’ surprise performance with her father in Lubbock last week certainly stirs up more hope and speculation among eager fans.

The singer returned to her hometown last Wednesday to be inducted into West Texas Walk of Fame. The irony of the induction was not lost on Maines. Maines expressed her feelings about the honor in an interview with the Lubbock Avalanche Journal.

“Honestly, I was not anxious to do this,” said Maines. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m appreciative of being asked, but, unfortunately, Lubbock’s reaction to my speaking out against the war and George W. Bush made my heart feel very differently about my hometown, and it’s a difficult place for me to go back to.”

The singer comes from a long line of musical talent. It was her father Lloyd who originally passed along her demo tape to the other members of the Dixie Chicks, so it was only fitting for him to accompany her for this surprise performance of  “Wide Open Spaces”.

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