Watch This Miniature Horse Bring Joy to a Sick Child

After visiting sick children, this adorable miniature horse leaves the powerful healing effect only animals can.

Sometimes the gentle touch and love from an animal can make even the worst pain feel a little better, even if only for a few minutes.

At Our Children's House at Baylor, a group of miniature horses travel from bedside to bedside of children suffering from severe illnesses. The video shows the interaction between Tristan the pony and a young boy named Logan, who was undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Although it is easy to see Logan felt very weak, there is a special moment of connection and love between the child and the animal. Tristan gently nudges the boy's foot, as though to say hello, in the kindest and most understanding way possible. Throughout the visit, Tristan continues to nudge and rub against Logan's feet lovingly. This interaction brought delight to Logan's parents and the nurses caring for the sick boy.

"We're so proud of the therapists, nurses, medical staff and animal volunteers for the difference they make every day," Ashley Howland of Baylor Health Care System wrote in the video's YouTube description. This is a great example of what a little bit of kindness and contact, human or animal, can do to change the outlook and mindset of someone struggling with difficult circumstances.

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Watch This Miniature Horse Bring Joy to a Sick Child