Watch the Mavericks’ New Video for ‘Pardon Me’


The Mavericks take a hard look at life on the road in their new video for “Pardon Me.”

Lead singer Raul Malo openly discusses one of the more scandalous aspects of living the rock star life. In the track, Malo talks of the emptiness that comes with hopping from one city and woman to another while on tour. While it doesn’t glamorize the lifestyle, it comes from a surprisingly honest perspective that isn’t completely apologetic.

“It’s about as honest of a song as I have ever written,” Malo told Rolling Stone Country of the track. “Not necessarily autobiographical, but I think anyone who travels for a living and has lived this kind of life, has at one point felt like how that guy feels at that moment, where it’s very tempting to be here and hang out with you lovely ladies or have drinks with you, but it’s time to go to bed. Because I miss my family, I miss my dog and I miss being at home on the couch. It’s that kind of very honest sentiment.”

The Mavericks are currently on the road with their Mono Mundo Tour, which wraps up at th Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, FL on Dec 5.

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Watch the Mavericks’ New Video for ‘Pardon Me’