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Watch Margo Price Join Mariachi Band For 'Conan' Performance

For her March 7 appearance on Conan, Margo Price added a new wrinkle to the already Latin-inspired feel of her working women's anthem "Pay Gap." Her band upped the song's South of the Border influence by recruiting a horn section, transforming them into a mariachi outfit.

The all-women horn accompaniment, representing Los Angeles mariachi band Lindas Mexicanas, added more meaning to the "inclusion rider" sticker on Price's guitar. Plus, it's a nod to one of the many ways that cultural influences beyond the mainland impacted classic country music, from the Hawaiian steel guitar to the African banjo.

Intentional or not, Price's strongest sociopolitical statement to date aired on TBS right as the clock rolled over to March 8, which happens to be International Women's Day. Maybe it was on purpose, considering a more likely choice for the show would be current single "A Little Pain." With her position as an artist without the same benefits as radio-friendly unit shifters and her positions on women's rights, Price is the ideal singer to purvey her message to a national television audience.

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In addition to putting on a great performance, Price looked like a million bucks in her Nudie-inspired suit. Hopefully, we'll be able to see it up close and personal the next time the Country Music Hall of Fame plans a Currents exhibit.

The band recorded a second song sans the horn section, cutting a web exclusive version of "Do Right By Me" for the live audience.

"Pay Gap" Lyrics

Honey, I work so hard for my money
And I leave my babies at home
Breaking my back trying to bring home a check
And working my fingers to the bone
At the end of the day it feels like a game
One I was born to lose
This institution a dead revolution
Is giving young women abuse

Pay gap, pay gap
Why don't you do the math?
Pay gap, pay gap
Ripping my dollars in half

It's not that I'm asking for more than I'm owed
And I don't think I'm better than you
You say that we live in the land of the free
Well, sometimes that bell don't ring true
It's been that way, with no equal pay
And I want to know when it will be fixed
Women do work and get treated like slaves since 1776

Pay gap, pay gap
Don't give me that feminism crap
Pay gap, pay gap
Ripping my dollars in half

No matter your religion, no matter your race
No matter your orientation
No matter your creed and no matter your taste
No matter your denomination
We are all the same in the eyes of God
But in the eyes of rich white men
No more than a maid to be owned like a dog
A second-class citizen

Pay gap, pay gap
Why don't you do the math?
Pay gap, pay gap
Ripping my dollars in half

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