Watch Maren Morris Hilariously Prank Keith Urban on Stage

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Ah, tour pranks. The time-tested antics of artists who spent way too much time together over the past several months. Tour pranks used to be a little more secretive, but now musicians happily prank each other in front of thousands of people. Enter: Maren Morris and Keith Urban.

Morris joined Urban on his humongous Ripcord World Tour for the past several months. Along with Brett Eldredge, the artists traversed the world playing new country tunes. During one of the final stops in Connecticut, Morris decided to have some fun with Urban.

During the whole tour, Morris stepped in to sing Miranda Lambert’s part in “We Were Us,” a big ol’ hit in 2013. Typically, she enters from off stage singing the part. But this time, Morris looked a bit different.

That spitting image of Maren is her drummer, Christian Paschall. He went through painstaking efforts to dress up just like Morris, leather pants and all. Urban’s priceless reaction says it all.

The resemblance is uncanny. #ripcordworldtour #tourprank

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Of course, Maren didn’t go so far as to ruin the song. (No offense Christian, we sure you have a lovely voice). She sang from off stage as Paschall lip synced and pranced around. Maren eventually came out and Urban eventually recovered from his laughing fits to finish the song strong.

Morris later shared her immense appreciation for Urban bringing her on the tour. As she puts it, he simply heard the EP and asked her to join him — no music industry politics involved. The opening spot did her wonders, too. Many dates on Morris’ first headlining tour sold out in a matter of minutes.

Watch Maren Morris Perform “My Church” at Spotify House:

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Watch Maren Morris Hilariously Prank Keith Urban on Stage