Watch Maren Morris and Alicia Keys' Seamless Duet of '80s Mercedes' on 'Crossroads'


CMT's Crossroads is all about bringing musicians of different genres together to create amazing live duets. For this season, the series brought together a rather unlikely duo. In a session recorded earlier this year, Maren Morris and Alicia Keys teamed up to take on "80s Mercedes." The track is the second single off of Morris' debut album, Hero.

Backed by both of their touring bands, Keys' and her musicians added a little flare and even some turntable scratches.

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Keys seemed to appreciate and revel in what Crossroads seeks to do with artists. "It's been really fun to just jump into each other's world," Keys shared with Rolling Stone Country. "Really, it feels seamless, too. It doesn't feel like two worlds; it feels like one."

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"As a kid growing up, there are multiple genres, and it is easier for people to label [music by assigning genres] because it's just comfortable for them," Morris said. "Honestly, I've never written music with those parameters, so tonight is a physical representation of no barriers being put on creativity."

The full Crossroads episode featuring Alicia Keys and Maren Morris will air Dec. 2nd on CMT.

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Watch Maren Morris and Alicia Keys' Seamless Duet of '80s Mercedes' on 'Crossroads'