Watch Luke Combs Record His New Song 'Beautiful Crazy'


Luke Combs' career is pretty much as close to a country music rocket ship as you'll see. And with his debut album still tearing it up on the charts and radio, he's already giving fans a sneak peak of what's next. Like with this clip of new tune "Beautiful Crazy."

In the video, Combs cooks through his vocal to the new song in Nashville's famous Blackbird Studios. He briefly flashes the lyrics to the camera before launching into the tender ballad.

And, of course, he takes the obligatory Snapchat selfies while recording.

Combs actually first started playing "Beautiful Crazy" a few years back. The audio of a live version posted on YouTube in 2017 accrued more than half a million "views." But now that he's got some time between shows to record it, the song is taking on a life of its own. Watch the official version above. Oh, and see the rare shot of Combs without a hat on.

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Lyrically, "Beautiful Crazy" isn't anything new. In fact, several other bands have already had plenty of success with the romantic twist on calling a girl "crazy." Like Eli Young Band with "Crazy Girl" (a No. 1 hit for them) and Jack Ingram with "Barefoot and Crazy."

But still, combined with Combs' unique voice, it's likely to gain several "aww's" from the intended audience despite the fact that using the word "crazy" as a term of endearment seems a little odd. Particularly when the included details of said crazy are mostly just changing your mind about going out at night. Look out everybody, talk about a loose cannon.

But while the lyrical ingenuity of the song might not anchor too deep into the ground, the underlying sentiment is solid. And for a lot of listeners, Combs could sing the phonebook and feel authentic. If he's able to still find a phonebook in 2018.

"Beautiful Crazy" Lyrics:

Her day stars with a coffee
And ends with a wine
Takes forever gettin' ready
So she's never on time for anything
When she gets that 'come get me' look in her eyes
Well, it kinda scares me that she drives me wild
She drives me wild

Beautiful, crazy
She can't help but amaze me
The way that she dances
Ain't afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she's crazy
But her crazy's beautiful to me

She makes plans for the weekend
Can't wait to go out
'Til she changes her mind
Says 'let's stay on the couch and watch TV'
And she falls asleep

(Repeat Chorus)

She's unpredictable, unforgettable
It's unusual, unbelievable
How I'm such a fool
Yeah, I'm such a fool for her

(Repeat Chorus)

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Watch Luke Combs Record His New Song 'Beautiful Crazy'