Watch Luke Bryan’s Steamy Video for ‘Strip It Down’


Luke Bryan opted to keep things classy in his music new video for “Strip It Down”.

Instead of taking the sexier route of some recent country videos like Keith Urban’s “Somewhere in my Car” and Jason Aldean‘s “Burnin’ it Down”, Bryan opted to go with a more subdued and sweet visual storyline to represent one of his more steamy singles.

The premise of the video is the classic trading places story. Two friends decide to switch lifestyles to plan romantic evenings for their wives. The country boy trades his denim for a nice suit and tie (borrowed from his city slicker friend) and takes his wife for a night out on the town. The city-dweller spends a night on the farm with a romantic candlelit dinner. Shots of Bryan playing a grand piano inside a barn are set alongside the sweet story, which never goes farther than showing a belt buckle suggestively hit the floor.

Both the video and the song definitely rate high on the cheesiness factor, but that’s one of the reasons why Bryan’s fans love him. Even his sexiest songs are family friendly and don’t feel out of character for the Georgia native as an artist or as a person. Love him or hate him, Bryan definitely knows how to cater to his audience.

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Watch Luke Bryan’s Steamy Video for ‘Strip It Down’