Watch Luke Bryan's Brand New Video for 'Here's To The Farmer'

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Luke Bryan is back at it again with a brand new video for his track "Here's To The Farmer." The song is a powerful tribute to the farmers that are so important to country living. Throughout the video, Bryan pays tribute to America's hardest workers and their families.

Fittingly, Bryan filmed this video at one of his Farm Tour concerts. The focus of the video stays on the fans who travel from far and wide to attend these concerts. You also get a glimpse of what it's like to be on stage with Bryan as he closes out the night.

The video definitely sends a powerful message about how important farmers really are. In the end, Bryan dedicates the new video to the memory of Farmer Bob of Maple Lane Farms in Greenback, Tenn., where he previously performed. You can watch it in full below.

After Bryan finishes up his Hit the Lights Tour, he will begin his eighth annual Farm Tour venture. Bryan will hit eight cities across the midwest during his annual tour before winding things down in Effingham, Ill.

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To coincide with the tour, Bryan is releasing a brand new EP, Here's To The Farmer, on Sept. 23.

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Watch Luke Bryan's Brand New Video for 'Here's To The Farmer'