Watch Lee Brice Help Fan Propose To His Girlfriend Onstage

Screengrab via YouTube/Lee Brice


Lee Brice headlined the Windy City Smokeout this weekend, but it was two of his fans that took centerstage. One fan proposed to his girlfriend onstage when Brice capped off his set in Chicago with his hit song "I Don't Dance" on Sunday (June 12).

And if you're wondering, she said yes!

An acquaintance of the couple commented on Brice's Facebook post, saying that the couple's first date was at a Lee Brice show.

In the fifteen-second clip of the proposal, the man gets down on one knee as his girlfriend gasps and the crowd erupts in applause. After she says yes, the couple dances around onstage to the wedding-worthy song.

Brice penned the song for his wife, Sara, and it topped the charts back in 2014. For Brice, this song holds a special place in his heart, as it's about how his love for his wife transformed him into a of man who would happily dance on their wedding day. The music video also featured footage from Brice's own wedding day.

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Watch Lee Brice Help Fan Propose To His Girlfriend Onstage