Watch and Learn How to Build a DIY Smokehouse

This quick video will show you how to build a backyard smokehouse from scratch. 

Here in Texas, we like our BBQ. It’s smoked for hours until it reaches perfection, and man alive, does it taste delicious. But sometimes good barbecue means waiting in lines for hours (I’m talking to you Franklin’s). 

But why wait in line when you can make a smokehouse for your backyard? That’s what the guys over at Cottage Life DIY had in mind when they put together this video, showing how to assemble the outdoor man cave.

The completed structure includes a smoker, meat rack, bourbon bar and dartboard. The latter two come in handy while you’re waiting for all the meat to cook.

If you’re skilled with a saw and have some general construction knowledge, you could easily tackle a project like this in a weekend. Check it out in the video above.

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Watch and Learn How to Build a DIY Smokehouse