Jennifer Nettles’ Video for ‘Sugar’ Is Sickly Sweet

Screengrab via YouTube

Jennifer Nettles adds just a bit too much syrupy-sweet pop into her brand of country music with her latest single, “Sugar”.

The former Sugarland front-woman goes for a young and playful feel for her latest video, which feels like it was pieced together from the outtakes of a Katy Perry video. It’s a fitting choice for a song that also seems to lack any real substance, and instead hits every single sugar-related double entendre you can think of. 

The brightly-colored attire and addition of random unicorns work for artists like Kacey Musgraves, but they seem like a strange and slightly childish choice for the 41-year-old singer. The needless addition of backup dancers and the way-too-obvious product placement make the already-jumbled plot line seem like a batch of cupcakes that are lacking an important ingredient. It was made with good intentions, but the end result just isn’t that satisfying.

Although her quirky and bright personality usually shines through in interviews and appearances, it’s molded into too much of a caricature in this video. Hopefully Nettles will soon set aside the gimmicks and tune back into the talent that helped catapult Sugarland to the top in the early 2000s.

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Jennifer Nettles’ Video for ‘Sugar’ Is Sickly Sweet