Watch Jason Aldean's Sexy New Video for 'Tonight Looks Good on You'


"Tonight Looks Good On You," Jason Aldean's follow up to the bedroom ballad "Burning It Down," has a pretty awww-worthy music video.

There is a plot (as opposed to glossy, brightly lit celebrities lip-synching in front of a backdrop) that sticks closely to the lyrical content of the song, but tells us a new story.

A late shift factory worker is plugging away at his job, eager to get off work because he and his wife have a date night planned. The camera cuts to his gorgeous wife, getting all dolled up in a skintight black dress for her hubby. She's seen holding their cute baby boy, passing him gingerly to the babysitter. These two are an adorable couple and we love them already.

But the shift worker's boss comes along and pulls him aside and starts a firm conversation that results in him having to work late. Enter Jason Aldean. He plays another shift worker at a station behind the hard working husband. He overhears the conversation and offers to take his post for the rest of the night so his buddy can go on a much-needed date.

The last scene makes country girls giddy with affection when the Mr. pulls up to the front of his house, cowboy hat and dress jeans, and sees his gorgeous wife for the first time. He smiles, he can't believe how lucky he is, and we all let out a big collective sigh because it's just too dang cute.

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Watch Jason Aldean's Sexy New Video for 'Tonight Looks Good on You'