Momma Horse Teaches Her Adorable Young Colt How to Jump

Sometimes it takes the guidance of your mother to help you tackle your biggest challenges, even for a horse.

In this sweet video, you'll see a Paso Fino colt as he hobbles across some beautiful Texas farmland. Although he had already learned how to stay upright on his hooves, his legs seemed to still have a slight wobble to them as he trotted across the grass. Before the video began to record, the colt's mother decided to leave her youngster behind and jumped over the small stone wall toward the left of your screen.

"The mare had gone up the small wall, and the colt was daunted at the prospect," the video's description from YouTube user k9element reads. "The mare came back and got him. She even showed him how to gather speed to make it up the wall. It was beautiful to watch."

In the video, you'll see the beautiful young colt as he strides confidently next to his mother and makes his first big jump over the wall. Although his takeoff was a little shaky, he managed a perfect landing. Even in these small moments, its always worth remembering just how precious the relationship between a mother and child truly is.

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Momma Horse Teaches Her Adorable Young Colt How to Jump