Watch Haley and Michaels' Powerful Video Featuring Me Too Founder Tarana Burke

Country duo Haley & Michaels debuted their new video for "Me Too," a powerful anthem inspired by a movement of the same name. The video also features Tarana Burke, who founded Me Too in 2006 to encourage women to support one another in the fight against sexual harassment.

In 2017, the #MeToo movement took off. Actress Alyssa Milano first urged her Twitter following to share their stories of sexual harassment. The phenomenon then escalated into a worldwide affair. And that's when Haley & Michaels decided to write a song capturing the spirit of the movement.

"We were deeply impacted and inspired when we first experienced so many people bravely coming forward and saying, 'Me Too,'" the duo told Time in premiering the video. "We wanted to add our voices in the best way we knew how -- through music. The spirit behind our song is healing, unity and empowerment."

Burke also wrote her own lines for the song. "Me Too is a movement about healing," Burke says in a spoken word recital. "It's about joy. It's about love." The video also features Burke in person. Watch the powerful clip below.

Comprised of Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels, Haley & Michaels are a duo both on and offstage. They've spent the last several years writing, recording and releasing their brand of anthemic and heartfelt pop country.

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With "Me Too," the pair again lend their voice to an important message. "More than anything, we hope that it can help other survivors feel that they are not alone in the same way the Me Too Movement has done for us," the duo says. "Collaborating with Tarana Burke is the greatest honor we ever could have imagined, and we are incredibly proud, humbled and excited to be a part of spreading her message."

All of the proceeds from the song go to Burke's non-profit, Girls For Gender Equity.


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Watch Haley and Michaels' Powerful Video Featuring Me Too Founder Tarana Burke