Garth Brooks Fulfills Promise to Sing with Carrie Underwood’s Husband

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Color us jealous.

It’s not enough that Mike Fisher gets to be a premier professional hockey player in the NHL and married to Carrie Underwood — he also gets to sing with country’s biggest superstar.

A few months ago, Underwood secretly taped Fisher singing Garth Brooks’ song “The River” while driving and jokingly captioned it, “I always wanted to marry Garth — Mike Fisher duet coming soon…”

#IAlwaysWantedToMarryGarth @mfisher1212 duet coming soon…

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What Underwood probably didn’t realize was that Garth was absolutely on board, and even named the time and place. He wrote to Fisher, “”Bro, that is AWESOME! I HAVE to call you out after that…Nashville is the last city on the American leg of the World Tour…You and me, on stage, The River. You in? love you pal, g.”

Fast forward a few months to backstage at Garth’s show where the singer, guitar in hand, starts a video dedicated to his “sweetheart and girlfriend” Underwood. A few notes in, Mike Fisher walks in frame and begins singing the song, even taking lead from Garth before Brooks comes back in on the high harmony.

The look on Brooks’ face is priceless during the performance. It’s also pretty entertaining to watch Fisher, who is a powerful force on the ice, sheepishly sing with his hands in his pockets alongside one of his favorite artists.

The best part? Even Underwood hasn’t had the pleasure of singing a duet with Garth yet.

She has the perfect suggestion for a comeback, captioning the video, “How is it that my hubby gets to sing with THE Garth Brooks before I do? As payback, I think I’ll try to see if Wayne Gretzky wants to play a pickup hockey game some time!”

Please Wayne, make this happen.

Meet Garth’s Oldest Fan:

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Garth Brooks Fulfills Promise to Sing with Carrie Underwood’s Husband