Meteor Showers Will Fill the Skies Over the Next Six Weeks

Over the next six weeks, those watching the night skies are in for a wonderful treat. During that time, stargazers will be able to see several meteor showers from midnight to dawn in the Northern Hemisphere.

The first set of showers are the Orionids. You can see these showers because of the dust from Hailey's Comet. It takes 76 years for the comet to make it around the sun, so seeing remnants of its path is pretty amazing. The best day to check these out are on Oct. 21, but you can see them until the first part of November. After that, the next meteor shower, the Leonids, will kick off.

The Leonids are also debris from a comet, the Tempel-Tuttle. It takes 33 years for the comet to make its journey around the sun. You can see its showers in both hemispheres throughout the night. However, you should choose to look for them on a night where the moon isn't shining too brightly because that will make them difficult to see. The best date to stargaze, and the peak of the Leonids performance, is on Nov. 17.

If you love watching meteor showers, make sure you head outside over the coming weeks. Those bright and beautiful flashes of light are amazing to see in person.

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Meteor Showers Will Fill the Skies Over the Next Six Weeks