Watch Eric Paslay's New Cameo-Filled Video for 'High Class'

Jessie Schmidt

Eric Paslay enjoys a night out on the town with some of his famous friends in his energetic new video for "High Class."

The 33-year-old Texas native is shown strutting around one of Nashville's premiere downtown nightclubs, surrounded by spiffed-up dancers looking for a good time. Some of these partiers also happen to be country stars and close friends of Paslay's. Maddie and Tae, Kristian Bush and "The Driver" collaborator Charles Kelley all join the carefully choreographed party.

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Although "High Class" is definitely one of Paslay's fluffier releases, it's not completely predictable. Some country fans may be turned off by the "Uptown Funk" horn accompaniment, but the track is, at least, one of the more digestible pop crossover attempts that country has seen in awhile. The lyrics themselves are subtly crafted to poke fun at the idea of being cool and showing it. Although I can't overlook the cringeworthy lines like his request to get "cattle up this 'lac," this track is simply meant to be a party song, and that's just fine. When Paslay can't even take himself seriously, he can't really expect us to either.

Click below to watch Eric Paslay's new video for "High Class."

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Watch Eric Paslay's New Cameo-Filled Video for 'High Class'