Watch Earl Dibbles Jr.’s Hilarious New Video, ‘Merica’

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Earl Dibbles Jr. is back and better than ever in his hilarious new song and video, “Merica.”

The dream jam of every frat boy who ever donned the sleeveless “Back To Back World War Champs” shirt at a country festival, “Merica” may just have what it takes to be the next national anthem.

Bald eagles? Check. Flying to the moon (and maybe even the sun)? Check. Chuck Norris? Check.

We won’t ruin the other surprises in the song, but you’ve got to watch the intentionally ridiculous music video to get the full effect.

Earl Dibbles Jr. is the alter-ego of Granger Smith, the Texas artist who recently achieved national success with a Broken Bow Records label deal and his No. 1 tune, “Backroad Song.” To say the Dibbles Jr. character is a fan favorite among Smith’s fans is an understatement: the Earl Dibbles Jr. Twitter and Facebook pages have more than three times as many followers and fans as Smith’s profiles, even though they’re ran by the same folks.

Smith calls the success of Dibbles Jr. an “intentional accident.” In 2011, he and his brother created the character in some short, funny videos to promote his actual music. The videos caught on like a wildfire, and ever since, Smith has set aside a special portion of his concert where he turns into the overall-clad alter-ego and lets the character’s full gooberdom fly.

Dibbles Jr. even has his own series of college football picks videos now, too.

Dibbles Jr. is a hilarious critique of the redneck rock trend and a tongue-in-cheek stab at the “country boy” stereotype — but he also allows Smith to create some pretty fun music in the meantime. When we’re all in on the joke, there’s nothing quite like a crowd yelling his signature catchphrase, “Yee Yee!” back at him.

“Merica” is the fourth Earl Dibbles Jr. song, after “City Boy Stuck,” “Country Boy Love” and the video that started it all: “The Country Boy Song.” It’s also probably the best tune since the first one, and will appear on his new record Remington (March 4th). Check out the video below!

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Watch Earl Dibbles Jr.’s Hilarious New Video, ‘Merica’