Dillon Carmichael
Screengrab via YouTube

Watch Dillon Carmichael Celebrate Rural Living in New Video for 'It's Simple'

Dillon Carmichael, the Kentucky-bred nephew of Eddie and John Michael Montgomery, shares his kin folks' appreciation for hometown nostalgia with the Dave Cobb-produced single "It's Simple" and its music video.

Carmichael tells a familiar tale in his husky, baritone voice, flavored by the honky tonk and Southern rock influences that set his music apart from his uncles' back catalogs. The 24-year-old shows the songwriting talent and even the stubbornness of a veteran performer by telling a rich story that fits his traditional country vision.

The video flashes back to a little boy who doesn't know that his bike and Walkman look like beat-up hand-me-downs. Those treasures and quality time with Grandpa make the simple life worth living. We eventually find out that the singer and the little boy are one and the same, with the footage representing memories that influence Carmichael's lyrical love affair with his small town upbringing.

The song is off Carmichael's debut album Hell of An Angel, out Aug. 17.

"It's Simple" Lyrics:

A good song in your ear
A hot night, a cold beer
A woman to put your arm around

A charcoal weekend
New jokes and old friends
A red white and blue country town
The one you had to leave to find out

Love is for making
Kids are for raising
And home is that place in your heart
Don't overthink it
Don't complicate it
The secret to life ain't that hard
It's simple

A bird dog and a backyard
Three chords and a guitar
Sunday school Jesus loves you
A breeze through a screen door
A talk on a front porch
The old man next door telling you

There'll be ups and downs
Ain't nobody saying it's easy

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