Watch Bob & David's Hilarious Bro-Country Parody, 'All I Need'

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross use the strangely hypnotic quality of bro-country to cross off their grocery lists in this hilarious new skit.

Donning some questionable wigs and equally horrendous clothing, the two transform into the fictional country duo Banes And Dunfrey for a music video featured in their new Netflix comedy series, Bob & David.

As the two yuck it up beside the pool at their mansion, they decide to come up with a way to get "provisions" for their bros without stopping the party. Naturally, they decide to lure fans into providing them with riches by using a formulaic country song.

As they sing from the back of a truck, the pair check off every cliche you can think of. From cold beers to living the simple life, these two knuckleheads draw in a loyal listener who can't help but following their silly requests.

Sadly, their ridiculous method of manipulating a stereotypical country song for their own personal gain doesn't stray too far from the realities of the industry today. Their hilarious take on the worst type of country music serves as a good reminder to just say no to bro-country -  Your ears and pocketbook will thank you.

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Watch Bob & David's Hilarious Bro-Country Parody, 'All I Need'