Watch Cole Swindell’s Expressive New Video for ‘You’ve Got My Number’

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Cole Swindell is teasing fans who are anxiously awaiting his Down Home Sessions III EP by releasing a video for the first track, “You’ve Got My Number.”

The production is modest and forgoes any overly dramatic effects, allowing the music to stand at the forefront. The video alternates between shots from Swindell’s live shows and him alone in a dark tunnel. Throughout the clip, viewers see him walking desolate streets while yearning for a girl who has left him in the dust. Black and white footage interweaves with color to give a bit of visual depth to an upbeat and dramatic tune.

A catchy chorus makes it almost hard to feel bad that someone is once again leaving Swindell in the middle of a memory, but the lyrics clearly reveal an emotional anecdote.

“You love to drive me a hundred miles right out of my mind/You love to make me think what it might be like if I could hold ya,” Swindell sings. “But no you’re just a tease/ You’ve got my number/But you ain’t callin’ me.”

The Down Home Sessions III EP will hit stores on Oct. 28. This is the third in a series of EPs Swindell has been releasing annually since 2014. Fans who pre-order the EP also get an advanced copy of “You’ve Got My Number” for download.

The release of Down Home Sessions III coincides with Swindell’s annual Down Home Tour. The trek kicks off this Wednesday, Oct. 26 in Tulsa, Okla. and will run through the middle of December.

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Watch Cole Swindell’s Expressive New Video for ‘You’ve Got My Number’