Cole Swindell Fights Back Tears During Emotional Opry Performance

YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

Cole Swindell performed his emotional song, "You Should Be Here," live at the Grand Ole Opry on April 26th. The song is already a No. 1 hit and is a beautiful tribute to his late father. It was co-written by Swindell and Ashley Gorley and is being called one of the best songs he's written in his career.

The song is the eighth track on his album, also titled You Should Be Here, which was released today, May 6. The music video for the song features Swindell visiting his hometown of Glennville, Georgia for the first time since his father's passing. The video is heartbreaking, but a wonderful tribute to his father.

Swindell got the chance to perform the song live at the Grand Ole Opry. He shakes off the nerves and takes it all in as he walks onto the stage. It's apparent this performance means a lot to Swindell.

The song was no doubt difficult for Swindell to perform, with lyrics like,"They say now you're in a better place/And I would be too if I could see your face," but he held it together and did a wonderful job.

At the end of the performance, Swindell addresses the audience, saying, "That song goes out to everybody here who has somebody that should be with us tonight at the Opry. Thank y'all so much."

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Cole Swindell Fights Back Tears During Emotional Opry Performance