Watch Chris Stapleton Perform His Unreleased Track ‘The Right Ones’

Screengrab via YouTube/98.7 The Bull

Just because a song doesn’t make it onto an artist’s album doesn’t mean it’s not amazing. At least that’s the case of Chris Stapleton’s unreleased, never-before-heard song, “The Right Ones.” In this rare performance video, Stapleton shares the story behind it before launching into an incredible performance of the soulful track.

The video is from 2013 — before Stapleton exploded onto the music scene. Of course, he’d been turning out hits as a songwriter long before that. At that point, he’d already written singles like “Your Man” for Josh Turner, “Never Wanted Nothin’ More” for Kenny Chesney and “Drink a Beer” for Luke Bryan.

Before Stapleton sings “The Right Ones,” he shares how it all came about. He was on a writing trip in New Orleans with Dan Wilson, lead singer of alt-rock band Semisonic. They were writing for a jazz band there and found some time to work on a song idea Stapleton had been tossing around. The two artists came up with “The Right Ones” there on the spot.

Unfortunately, we never heard anything else about the song and have no idea why Stapleton never pursued releasing it as a single. For the record, we’d love to hear a recorded version of “The Right Ones”! Until then, we’ll just keep hitting replay on this video.

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Watch Chris Stapleton Perform His Unreleased Track ‘The Right Ones’