A Texas Cattle Rancher’s Son Stunned ‘The Voice’ with a Bob Dylan Classic

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Josh Halverson, the son of a Texas cattle rancher, made it through the blind auditions on NBC’s The Voice. And he did it by singing a heartfelt rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” with plenty of modern folk pop drawl. Though it took a little while, he convinced three judges to turn their chairs.

Halverson shared how he grew up on ranches in Texas, and that his dad was in the cattle industry. Ultimately, though, he wanted to pursue music. The only judge who didn’t turn around, Adam Levine, then let the others make their pitch.

Alicia Keys seemed to drive home her point best. “I know what music that feels good should sound like. I think it would be very unique and probably unexpected for us to rock together.”

Interestingly enough, Shelton’s effort to connect with Halverson with “cattle talk” backfired. Miley Cyrus jumped in to say she had no idea what they were saying. Halverson then admitted he’s actually trying to get away from the so-called cattle talk.

But nice try, Blake. Even with Adam Levine’s endorsement, he couldn’t win over Halverson from Alicia Keys.

Cyrus also gave it a shot, saying she’s the furthest person from cattle because she doesn’t even eat meat. It was just one of those kinds of nights.

You can see which judge he ends up picking during The Voice’s ongoing blind auditions, which continue tonight (Sept. 27) at 8/7 CT.

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A Texas Cattle Rancher’s Son Stunned ‘The Voice’ with a Bob Dylan Classic