Watch Carrie Underwood Prank Fans in a Downtown Nashville Boot Store

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel Live promoted ABC's Wednesday night (Nov. 13) broadcast of the 53rd annual CMA Awards by helping Carrie Underwood pull off a hilarious prank at a Nashville boot store.

Underwood, a co-host of this year's CMA Awards alongside Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton, serenaded boot store patrons with parody versions of "Before He Cheats."

What sounded like a hit song blaring from the store's loudspeakers proved to be something else once Underwood started describing shoppers (such as the punk rock lady with purple hair), listing fast facts about ostriches and offering free boots to a man willing to shamelessly shake his derriere.

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Underwood pulled off the "undercover sing" by hiding out in a back room, taking advantage of a bunch of hidden cameras and getting specific details about unsuspecting customers from a boot shop employee.

After each surprise serenade, Underwood came out from the back and confirmed each customer's wildest suspicion: They're going to be on late night television with the artist behind the hit album Cry Pretty. In the process, she proved that you never know who you'll see on Broadway.

Later in the week, Underwood went from freestyling lyrics about lovers of boots to co-hosting what's billed as country music's biggest night.

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Watch Carrie Underwood Prank Fans in a Downtown Nashville Boot Store