Watch Carrie Underwood Prank Easton Corbin on Stage

Well, prank him in the way you’d expect Carrie Underwood to prank somebody — which is do something that’s actually super nice.

Easton Corbin has been on the road with Underwood and The Swon Brothers since late January for her Storyteller tour, and the new pals have obviously grown close enough for some good old-fashioned pranking. On Tuesday night in Stockton, Calif., Corbin expected to rise up on the stage and serenade the crowd, but on this night, he got a different reaction entirely. You see, it was also Corbin’s 34th birthday.

In the video Corbin shared on Instagram, Underwwod can be heard saying, “Ladies and gentleman, please make welcome to the stage, Easton Corbin!” The crowd erupts as he rises up on a platform. But Corbin only gets a few lines in before his microphone cuts out and all the music stops. Corbin turns to look at the sound guy, but Underwood starts singing “Happy Birthday,” bringing the whole crowd along.

The two share a big hug at the end, and many laughs were had. Underwood also shared the video, saying, ““Happy birthday, brother! We might have played a little prank on @eastoncorbin for his big day! Hope he didn’t mind too much!”

Pranking your tourmates is all the rage nowadays, thanks in no small part to the master pranker Brad Paisley’s notorious antics. Underwood just so happened to tour with Paisley, so maybe she learned a thing or two.

Keith Urban better watch out when Underwood joins him for some Australia dates on his upcoming Ripcord world tour. The two also have a duet called “The Fighter” on his album coming out this May.

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Watch Carrie Underwood Prank Easton Corbin on Stage