Watch Brandy Clark’s Brand New ‘Girl Next Door’ Video

Brandy Clark‘s new single, “Girl Next Door,” is the first the GRAMMY Award-winning singer-songwriter has released under her new record deal with Warner Bros. The song, which Clark co-wrote with Shane McAnally and Jessie Jo Dillon, simply orders somebody who wants the cookie cutter girl next door to walk a few yards over and find her.

In her new music video, Clark, who has never been remotely like anybody else in the industry, uses an all strings attached Stepford Wife-like image to portray the expectant and typical “Virgin Mary metaphor.” Employing clever and sarcastic lyrics, staples of Clark’s catalog, to explain that she isn’t anything like the Donna Reed, apron-donning, stereotypical suburban housewife, “Girl Next Door” is a reminder that the acclaimed artist isn’t about to fit into any specific mold.

In speaking about the single to Rolling Stone Country, Clark explained, “This song is about someone wanting you for one thing, and then wishing you were completely different.” So in lies the females in country music issue that has been so prevalent in the last few years. However, Clark also shared that she believes the empowered gender actually has quite an edge in the industry.

“Women can paint with a few more colors in this business,” she said. “A guy could never sing a song like ‘Stripes’. A guy could never even joke about killing his wife! Miranda [Lambert] can sing about getting pissed off and blowing things up, but a guy could never do that.”

Watch Brandy Clark’s “Girl Next Door” video below.

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Watch Brandy Clark’s Brand New ‘Girl Next Door’ Video