Doing It To Country Songs
Screengrab via Vevo

Blake Shelton, Oak Ridge Boys Create Induendo-Laden Cartoon for ‘Doing It To Country Songs'


Blake Shelton just released his not-so-subtle animated video for "Doing It To Country Songs." He sang the tune with The Oak Ridge Boys on his most recent album, If I'm Honest.

The cheeky video re-imagines everybody as animals headed out to party at the fictitious Blake Shelton Bar & Grill on "Some Beach." Shelton is known as "Buck Shelton." As for The Oak Ridge Boys? They're a possum, beaver, fox and frog.

As the song kicks in, Buck Shelton is jamming along at the bar in the daytime. But before long, The Oak Ridge Boys appear and they all get the notion to take the stage.

You can expect plenty of references to sex, even though the song obviously never gets that on-the-nose. There are bears scratching their backs on the same tree, birds and bees and a few other obvious metaphors.

But probably the best part of the video? All the coy references. You have to watch it several times to catch them all. First, there's the Blake Shelton song references. You've got hillbilly bones and jars of "Screw U" and Tupelo Honey. But there are also a few playful digs at other artists. (The best may be the "Paisley Light Beer" sign, an obvious reference to Brad Paisley).

Animated videos don't come all that often in the country world, so it's a fun change of pace. Artists have put more effort into being creative with their videos lately, and generally it's a lot of fun.

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Shelton did a brief tour earlier in the year named after the song. That's when he brought along his The Voice pupils RaeLynn and Sundance Head. It's looking like the song is just now getting a shot at radio.

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