See Blake Shelton and Oak Ridge Boys’ CMT Awards Collab


The 2016 CMT Music Awards had a few notable performances (be sure to watch Carrie Underwood’s show-stopper). One of the more memorable moments of the night was the collaborative performance between Blake Shelton and the Oak Ridge Boys, but only because the Oak Ridge Boys are always a treat to see. The first half I think we’d all rather forget.

Blake kicked things off by appearing out of the stage and singing a song off of his new album, If I’m Honest, titled “Doin’ It To Country Songs” (which is basically just Shelton repeating “we like doing it to country songs” over and over). Seriously, who on Team Blake let this song out into the world? Unfortunately, Shelton walks over to the main stage to join the Oak Ridge Boys on stage so they can all continue singing it together.

After they wrap that song up, Shelton addresses the crowd, saying, “Hey, you kids. Pull your damn pants up and pay attention, man. This is the Oak Ridge Boys!” This is pretty comical because it seems even more disrespectful to make the legendary band sing “Doin’ It To Country Songs” in front of millions of people. But hey, celebrating ridiculous lyrics, highlighting exactly what’s wrong with country music today and putting god-awful songs in the spotlight seems to be what these award shows love to do (with the acceptation of some, of course).

Thankfully, we get to hear them all sing the Oak Ridge Boys classic “Elvira” together which makes for a wonderful moment in the show and brings the audience to their feet.

You can check out a full list of 2016 CMT Awards winners right here.

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See Blake Shelton and Oak Ridge Boys’ CMT Awards Collab