Watch Anderson East’s Soulful New Video for ‘Learning’

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Nashville’s own Anderson East infuses soul and funk into his alt-country offering featured on Dave Cobb‘s upcoming concept album.

“Learning” will be featured on Southern Family, Cobb’s highly-anticipated new project that focuses on each artist’s unique experience of growing up in the South. East’s contribution pays tribute to his father, who he credits with helping shape his character and morals. 

Musically, the track is very similar to those found on his major label debut album, Delilah. Full of soul and driven by a beat reminiscent of 1960’s Motown, East packs a punch with his energetic and emotional vocals. On an album full of acoustic ballads, the Alabama native’s horn-filled tune elevates the record by showing the range of artistry found in Cobb’s closely-knit group of friends.

“I didn’t want it to be anything dolled up,” East told Rolling Stone Country of his new track. “That’s the attitude I approach everything with. I don’t want there to be a lot of dressing on anything. Just an honest representation of the music.”

Southern Family will be released March 18 on Low Country Sound/Elektra Records. Click here to read our exclusive report from Dave Cobb’s invite-only listening party earlier this month.

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Watch Anderson East’s Soulful New Video for ‘Learning’