Watch Americans Hilariously Fail at Labeling Midwestern States

Screengrab via YouTube

Illinois… Kansas… Iowa… they all just sort of blend together in the middle of America, according to many East and West coasters.

Buzzfeed recently asked people from Philadelphia, New Jersey and California to label states in the Midwest and (spoiler alert!) the result is a hilarious failure.

For those of you that may have snoozed through middle school geography class and need a little refresher, the Midwestern states include North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.

Reactions to the proposed challenge include everything from “Wait, is this a state?” (in reference to Lake Michigan) and “Ohio seems weird to me” to “I think we share a border with Canada; I don’t know,” and “I feel like they could have just made one big Dakota.”

Buzzfeed cites the main takeaway from the experiment is that East and West coast natives know nothing about the Midwest.

That and the fact that nobody truly knows where Idaho is.

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Watch Americans Hilariously Fail at Labeling Midwestern States