Amazing Drone Footage Shows Corn Harvest from Start to Finish

Thanks to the high-quality video capabilities that drones now have, we can get a bird’s-eye view of almost anything. Video production company Gopher Aerial decided to head to the midwest one autumn and use their aerial video capabilities to capture footage of the work that goes into a harvesting a farm of crops.

This amazing high-definition video montage shows the entire corn harves process; from combines and grain elevators to transport trucks, viewers get to see what it takes for crops to get all the way to consumers’ plates. The video was taken at Bristle Farms in Iowa, which is located in the “Corn Belt,” an area of the midwest where the dominant crop is corn and traditionally includes sections of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas. Fun fact: Iowa happens to be the state that has produced the most corn for nearly two decades, according to

In the video, the drone flies high above the fields and captures footage of the farm equipment covering a massive amount of land, showcasing the hard work of farmers that often goes unrecognized. After watching this, you are sure to have a deeper appreciation for the seed-to-store corn harvest process.

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Amazing Drone Footage Shows Corn Harvest from Start to Finish