Watch This Adorable Baby Fox Practice His Ninja Skills

This baby fox discovers a new toy and isn't keen on sharing.

One recent evening, a man looked into his backyard and saw something pretty unexpected. An adorable baby fox had discovered his dog's tennis ball and seems pretty excited about his discovery.

In the video above, the fox uses the ball as a target to practice his attack and defense skills. He practices hiding, jumping and maneuvering around the tennis ball, and it's just as impressive as it is insanely cute. A few minutes into his martial arts show, the fox is joined by two more of his friends who want to join in on the fun. He isn't so keen on sharing and uses his well-practiced defense skills to keep the toy all to himself.

According to his post on Reddit, the homeowner stayed up for over an hour watching the little tyke jumping and attacking the ball. It's hard to blame him -- this cute little guy sure knows how to turn on the charm with his impressive ninja skills.

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Watch This Adorable Baby Fox Practice His Ninja Skills