Watch a Giddy Kacey Musgraves Perform 'High Horse' on 'Ellen'


With her sparkly outfit as the disco ball and her nine-piece backing band sounding like they could've played with Tavares, Kacey Musgraves brought the Tootsie's Orchid Lounge-meets-Studio 54 sound of "High Horse" to Ellen's daytime television audience.

The single from her new album Golden Hour finds Musgraves straying a little from her country roots while maintaining her Texas charm. Instead of looking back to outlaws and classic rockers, she chased the hedonistic sounds of disco. Her wit and storytelling skills remain intact, as the dance beat propels a story about that one insufferably arrogant acquaintance that's in every crowd. Think of it as the inverse of "Together Again," the famed Buck Owens single with happy lyrics sung over a weepy backing track.

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What's most enticing here is seeing Musgraves grin ear-to-ear towards the end of the performance. It looks like she's genuinely loving every step on her current creative path, whether she's serving up those promised Bee Gees influences like she did here or turning to her yodeling cowgirl roots. Most artists used to playing guitar on stage might've come across a little awkward in full-on lead singer mode. Fortunately, Musgraves proved once again to be a natural performer.

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