5,000 Tiny Ducklings Meet Water for the First Time

Certain baby animals make us sigh as we try to grapple with their adorableness, and these baby birds are no different. They aren’t just sitting around, either; they are getting their first taste of water and paddling their teensy legs for the first time.

This video shows the little day-old birds running and quacking as they storm into a river, following their natural instinct, until there is more duckling fluff visible than water.

As expected, the ducklings are total naturals at floating in a huddle. However, the spectators were a little less composed as you hear their exclamations in the background.

According to the Daily Mail, these little ducklings are raised on a duck farm in China. The farmers use this water introduction exercise to improve small ducklings’ appetites when they are between three and five days old.

We may not get to take them home but I think we are all internally oohing and aahing on the inside as much as the filmmaker in this video. Go, duckies, go!

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5,000 Tiny Ducklings Meet Water for the First Time