Watch 14-Year-Old Fan Wow Keith Urban with Original Tune on Stage

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Keith Urban has been known to bring fans on stage, but this one was extra special. When sisters Hailey and McKenna Benedict created two sparkly guitar-shaped signs for Urban’s concert, they had no idea it would get them this kind of attention.

The sisters attended Urban’s show at Edmonton’s Rogers Place Arena with their mom. Their glittery signs caught Urban’s eye, and he called them out. “When I realized that he was calling them out with their guitars and said ‘get them up here’ we literally all just screamed,” mother Brandee Benedict told CBC News. “They, of course, went running up and I just stayed back in my seat and just kept screaming.”

But when the sisters got on stage, Urban asked what they wanted to do. “I want to be a singer-songwriter,” Hailey said. Urban raised his hands with delight. He looks to the girl’s mother in the crowd and says, “Mom, I support that, a singer-songwriter.”

Then he takes it a step further, inviting Hailey to play her own original song. Watch the moment below.

It’s amazing how quickly and happily Urban goes from star of the show to guitar tech adjusting capos. And even more amazing how Hailey Benedict kept her cool. Let’s be honest, not many people respond that well when put on the spot.

And kudos to the crowd for supporting her and making the sisters feel like a million bucks. The look on her face is absolutely priceless.

“I just soaked it all in, its been one of my dreams since I was little, to look out at a crowd that big and sing one of my own songs. So the fact that one of my dreams was happening I just took every little bit in,” Hailey said.

So just remember, you never know when Keith Urban may call you out in front of thousands of people. Be prepared!

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Watch 14-Year-Old Fan Wow Keith Urban with Original Tune on Stage