Walmart Shopper Wrestles Wild Deer Wandering Pet Food Aisle


You've heard of the "people of Walmart," but what about the "creatures of Walmart?" A confused white-tail deer found its way inside a store in Minnesota and darn near started a fight.

According to a story from the Associated Press, customers at a Walmart in Wadena, Minn. got the surprise visit from the woodland critter. The tiny town 150 miles Northwest of Minneapolis is used to lots of wildlife, but perhaps just not up so close and personal.

Shoppers believe the deer likely wandered in through the garden entrance of Walmart looking for a snack and possibly munching on flowers. But the hairy guest stood out among even some of the state's grizzlier outdoorsman.

"I thought a shelf or something fell over on this lady because she was screaming," Stephanie Koljonen tells WDAY 6 News. Koljonen then got out her camera.


Around that time, the startled buck ran into Tom Grasswick. Who, because of course he does, hails from Deer Creek, Minn. "I felt like I got slugged or something," Grasswick says. So naturally, he turned around to take on the offender.

But when you see the culprit is a deer, surely you think twice, right? Nope. Not for Tom, anyways. He immediately moved to tackle the deer and bring it down. "I figured I was bigger than the deer so I'd win that wrestling match," Grasswick says.

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He's lucky the buck was just a baby, or he might've had a tougher time. Grasswick took the deer down onto a bag of dog food before a few others helped him cover its eyes. They wanted to calm the deer down before going any further.


After the startled guest subsided, several other Walmart shoppers helped free it outside. Walmart has apparently since adjusted its deer shopper policy and won't be letting similar unruly guests cause any trouble.

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