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Inside Walker Hayes and Laney Beville Hayes' Epic 17-Year Love Story


When it comes to a love story, Walker Hayes seems to have a great one. Straight out of a fairy tale, the country singer met his wife Laney Beville Hayes when they were in elementary school. Safe to say Laney has been his number one supporter from the start. Married for more than 17 years, the couple fell in love as children, broke up, got back together and are now married and parents to six adorable children. Their first date was actually when he was only 17 years old.

Speaking about his relationship on The Bobby Bones Show, the Alabama native stated, "She found a picture I drew of her when I was a senior and she was a freshman in college. I drew her a picture of our first date because we went on a Genie at a construction site. We popped it up high in the sky and sat there and talked for hours."

Meet Laney Beville Hayes

Believe it or not, the country star was very nervous to speak to his future wife, who was a popular cheerleader, until they both performed in their same school play. Laney stated: "My true first memory of him is, we were doing rehearsals -- this is after we'd already made the cast. He had a solo -- well, he was a lead in it, so he had a lot of solos. He started singing the first part of his first solo. I remember looking down the aisle and going, 'Who is that guy? That guy can sing!' It was 'Little Shop of Horrors'."


Seven years later, the couple married on June 12, 2004, and the rest has been history since.

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The couple suffered a tragedy in 2018 after their seventh child and fourth newborn daughter, Oakleigh Klover Hayes, died hours after her birth on June 6 after Laney suffered a uterine rupture.

According to the "You Broke Up With Me" singer, they had always planned to have four children but decided to  add to the family. They currently have three boys and three girls, 15-year-old Lela, 13-year-old Chapel, 11-year-old Baylor, 9-year-old Beckett, 7-year-old Loxley and 5-year-old Everly. And in case you were wondering, the family loves to spend time on TikTok and social media dancing the night away to their dad's songs.


Throughout his time as a singer, the songwriter has been very vocal about his career and how his family has helped him throughout. In 2005, Hayes moved to Nashville after getting a record deal with Mercury Records but was unfortunately dropped shortly after. Apparently, the singer stated that he was abandoned by his friends in the industry and he could only depend on his children and his wife.

Walker Hayes: 'Don't Let Her'

He stated, "When I lost my first record deal, my wife and kids and I lost - I wouldn't say friends, but - we lost a lot of people around us. They just vanished! They were nowhere to be found."

To surprise his wife for their 15th anniversary, the singer decided to write her a very personal country song which quickly became a fan favorite. "Don't Let Her" can be described as a love letter for Laney, as the singer speaks to another significant other in case something happens to Walker. He sings, "We always said we'd go together/ But if I'm just half of her forever/ This goes out to whoever/ Takes my place." The singer also released a music video of the song which featured the whole family. Seems to me like the Hayes' are living the dream!


This article previously ran in September of 2021. 

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