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Walker Hayes and Applebee's Team Together for 'Fancy Like' Date Night! [Interview]

If there is one word I could use to describe Walker Hayes, it would be humble. I have followed him throughout his career and always knew there was something special about him. Whether it was that deep voice that fits perfectly with the medley or the well-chosen lyrics that described the story within the song, I knew he actually believed in what he sang. That's what makes him the artist he is today. Safe to say Hayes is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Without even thinking about it, the country singer decided to post a fun video of himself and his daughter Lila dancing to "Fancy Like" as a way to promote the song. Unexpectedly, the song quickly blew up not only on the charts, but all over social media. As it should. Speaking with the country artist, he revealed that he had no idea the song was going to blow up after posting it on TikTok.

He stated, "I'm just so grateful, you know, for everything that is happening and honestly I can't believe it. I don't know if I ever will. This is exciting...I am a big dreamer. I have always written songs with anticipation that thousands would sing along someday and I have always been very visually able to imagine those dreams and things coming true. But, I can honestly say I had no idea that it would actually ever happen."

Without even knowing, Hayes, along with his adorable children, became an instant overnight sensation with 360,000 videos using his song, garnering millions of views. The song was originally released on June 4th from his EP Country Stuff. Written by Hayes, Cameron Bartolini, Shane Stevens and Josh Jenkins, the song reached No. 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs Charts, which is now Hayes' highest-charting single to date.

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The singer made it known that his family are team players and are excited the song is doing well. He noted, "My kids are genuine supporters of what I do. They root for me, they hurt when things fail for me, they celebrate when the things work for me and so we're just kind of all in this together." Believe it or not, the country artist stated that now, Lila, who is his eldest daughter, is getting asked to choreograph dances for artists with who he writes with.

He continued, "We are along for the ride, we are there till it stops and get off. Let's go. It will change next year, you know, it will be something new and different, I am honored that it's happening with this song, this dance. We have so much gratitude with our hearts; we can't believe it, won't be able to believe it tomorrow, won't be able to believe it in months from now. It's just kind of mind-blowing— the power of a fun song."

As far as what inspired the song, the singer revealed that his faith had a huge part in the finished product. He noted, "The idea of the co-writers and I, for several hours we talked about Jesus. That sounds so wild compared next to a song like that. But after telling our testimonies for hours, we must have felt free because the fact that we started a chorus with a massive bass drop and the word Applebee's is kinda wild. You know, we literally said the items on the menu from an Applebee's, it's just so quirky and weird. We obviously had no barriers, that day and we felt free. I put that song down that night and we knew we had something we loved, we had no idea we had something viral."

Taking straight from his lyrics, two straws one check, the country singer and Applebee's are now working together to bring you the best experience. The chain decided to take a leap and feature Hayes and the song in their ads. Chief marketing officer at Applebee's, Joel Yashinksy, also revealed he was a fan of the song, releasing a statement, noting, "We'd like to congratulate Walker on the song of the summer. As soon as we heard 'Fancy Like' and saw the dance videos at our restaurants, we knew we had to showcase this viral sensation. With our new ad debuting today and the return of the Oreo cookie shake, we can't wait for guests to head into Applebee's for their own 'Fancy Like' date nights. Just don't ask me to do the dance - I'll leave that to our guests!"

In a new adorable campaign, the restaurant created an ad that features a compilation of the best Fancy Like dance videos. The song also plugs the restaurant's menu, which luckily for us still includes the $1 Margaritas. Throughout the video, we can hear the lyrics, "Yeah, we fancy like Applebee's on a date night / Got that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake/ Get some whipped cream on the top too/ Two straws, one check, girl, I got you." Yes, in honor of the chart-topping hit, Applebee's has officially decided to bring back their beloved (discontinued!) Oreo cookie shake for only $2.99. Thank you for bringing it back, Hayes! Us Oreo lovers owe you one.

The proud father of six, who is actually a huge fan of the grill and bar, stated that the response from people has been a dream come true. He noted, "You gotta give Applebee's credit for having fun, you know. That's all they are doing, having fun with the benefits that this song is bringing and partnering with it. You know, obviously, that includes me and my family and we are so grateful to Applebee's.

He continued, "Because whether you wanted to or not the song is just exploding, you know, and it just makes sense, why not? It's too easy, it's too much fun.  I love that they have responded by bringing the Oreo shake back on the menu. That is crazy! What a hilarious and fun story for the world to enjoy."

A hilarious and fun story indeed. I personally can't wait to see what Hayes is up to next. So what are you waiting for? Time to go "Fancy Like" and visit your local Applebee's! Hey, Applebee's...Walker can I get in on this commercial? On my way to dance around with an Oreo shake in my hands!