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Waffle House is Now Selling Their Hashbrowns Online

Is there anything better than a plate of Waffle House hashbrowns and waffles? While hundreds of stores have closed in the South due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it doesn't mean you have to go without your favorite smothered and covered spuds. Today Waffle House announced that their famous shredded potatoes are now available online, and I've already placed my order. While Americans can't sit at the counter at our favorite restaurant chain currently, we can make Waffle House style hash browns at home. And that's something I'll gladly take during this trying time.

How to Make Waffle House Hashbrowns at Home

The Atlanta-based chain knows how to work a griddle. Using their Instant Hashbrown Potatoes, you too can make the crispy menu item at home. To start, measure the desired amount of dehydrated hashbrowns and place them into a heat-safe bowl. Cover the dehydrated potatoes with hot tap water, cover the bowl, and wait 20 minutes for the potatoes to rehydrate. After 20 minutes, drain the potatoes and preheat a large well-oiled non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Fry the potatoes on the first side for 4-5 minutes (until golden brown) then flip and repeat with the other side. According to the package, 1/4 cup of dried potatoes equals one serving of hashbrowns.

Once they are fried, add all your favorite toppings just like they do at the House. Use the lingo below to make it really authentic!

Smothered: Covered with sauteed onions.

Covered: Topped with American Cheese

Chunked: Cooked with grilled hickory smoked ham

Diced: Topped with diced tomatoes

Peppered: Cooked with jalapeno peppers

Capped: Cooked with button mushrooms.

Topped: Prepared with Bert's Chili

Country: Served with sausage gravy.

Make sure to pick up a bag or two of the waffle mix while visiting the online store. It's not a visit to Waffle House without a waffle!

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