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Hear Wade Bowen's Bittersweet New Single 'Acuña'

Singer-songwriter Wade Bowen has released his latest single, "Acuña." While there still isn't any word on an official album title just yet, the track marks the first hints of new solo material by the Texas troubadour.

Bowen was joined by songwriters Keith Gattis and Audley Freed for the toe-tapping number. Gattis didn't just cowrite "Acuña" either. The veteran producer and songwriter produced the entire project, Bowen's seventh full-length studio album.

"I can't run back to you, nobody goes to Acuña anymore," Bowen sings on the glory days recaller. Bowen can't help but reminiscence bittersweetly. Still, "Acuña" is a cautionary tale of broken hearts and mistakes made.

With sweeping keyboards and driving drums, the song falls right into Bowen's dancehall storytelling wheelhouse. Lonesome acoustic guitar jangles and the most subtle hints of the accordion are the salt and lime on the easygoing border town singalong.

"Acuña" is the first new solo material released by Bowen since 2014's Wade Bowen. In recent years, Bowen released two albums with fellow Texas troubadour Randy RogersHold My Beer, Vol. 1 and Watch This, along with Then Sings My Soul...Songs for My Mother, a collection of gospel covers.

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