10 Wacky Country Grandparents Who Are Young at Heart

These people know a thing or two about staying young.

You can’t be young forever…or can you? Maybe the secret to staying young is acting young. These wacky country grandparents defy age. Whether they’re riding a motorcycle or skydiving, these old timers aren’t so old after all.

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1. There’s no time like the present.

Pinterest/ Tammy McAteer
Pinterest/ Tammy McAteer

Just because you’re older, you don’t necessarily want to be chauffeured around. Some people prefer their own route.

2. Nana handles a gun well.

Pinterest/ Rita Frances
Pinterest/ Rita Frances

This definitely gives game night a whole new meaning. Looks like you just found your new shooting buddy!

3. Adventure is worth losing your teeth over.


This woman is fearless. A little free fall isn’t getting in her way, but she probably needs to buy some new teeth.

4. A senior bikini car wash is the new bake sale.

Pinterest/ Jimmy Joe Ball
Pinterest/ Jimmy Joe Ball

Clearly, these ladies have no shame about a couple of wrinkles.

5. You can have an off-road walker.

This grandpa is ready for anything. Bring on the mud.

6. There’s nothing wrong with a solo dance party.


This spring chicken looks like he’s been waiting a while to show off his moves.

7. They’re still in love.

Young love is one thing. However, this older couple is still cruising.

8. You can be sillier as you get older.


Aren’t you supposed to be serious as you get older? Wrong! These folks have no problem acting silly.

9. Go ahead and hit the streets.

Pinterest / Annie Birch
Pinterest / Annie Birch

They’re not sitting around watching TV. These people are out and exploring.

10. Don’t be afraid to let loose.


Sometimes you just need to bust a move. Ma and Pa know best!

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10 Wacky Country Grandparents Who Are Young at Heart