‘The Voice’s’ Billy Gilman Gets Standing Ovation For Amazing Martina McBride Cover

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Billy Gilman is the contestant to watch on NBC’s The Voice. He blows his performances out of the water every single week, and his Top 10 one was no exception. This week, Gilman chose to cover Martina McBride’s powerful song, “Anyway.” His jaw-dropping rendition earned a standing ovation from all four judges.

Gilman soars through the whole performance with ease. He always seems comfortable on stage, which isn’t too surprising since he has a bit of a history on stage. Gilman takes his “Anyway” cover from great to downright amazing at the end when he hits high note after high note.

The other contestants should be very scared right now.

If you recognize his name, it’s because Gilman was a child country star. Remember “One Voice” from the early 2000’s? That was him! While he left the industry for a while, he’s ready to make his comeback. During his blind audition, he told the judges his passion is pop music now. However, it was nice to see him get back to his country roots with this cover. But let’s be honest, the guy could sing anything and we’d love it.

The 28-year-old star and team Adam contestant will find out tonight if he makes it into the Top 8. With that performance, we don’t think he should be sweating it. His version of “Anyway” hit No. 4 on the iTunes charts today by noon. Country singer Sundance Head’s cover of “Me and Jesus” made it to the top spot!

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesday on NBC at 8/7c.

Listen to Randy Travis Sing “Amazing Grace”:

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‘The Voice’s’ Billy Gilman Gets Standing Ovation For Amazing Martina McBride Cover